Gonzalo Cosa

Biography of Gonzalo Cosa


Gonzalo Cosa is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at McGill University

Gonzalo Cosa was born in Cordoba, Argentina on September 21, 1973. He studied at the Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto, Argentina, where he received his Licenciate in Chemistry degree in 1996. He was at the time the recipient of the Asociación Química Argentina Award. In mid 1997 Gonzalo Cosa ventured north, to Canada, to pursue a Ph.D. degree under the direction of Prof. J.C. (Tito) Scaiano at the University of Ottawa. His Ph.D. work in Physical Organic and Photochemistry involved mechanistic studies on drug photodegradation. He completed graduate studies in the winter of 2002. For his graduate studies Gonzalo Cosa was recognized with the Governor General’s Gold Medal Award and was a recipient of the 2003 International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry Award to the Best Ph.D. Thesis in the Chemical Sciences. After graduate school Gonzalo Cosa headed south and he joined the group of Prof. Paul F. Barbara at the University of Texas at Austin. As a postdoctoral fellow in Paul Barbara’s research group Gonzalo Cosa worked on Single Molecule Fluorescence Studies. He obtained the first time-resolved SM-FRET measurements on HIV-1 transactivation response (TAR) DNA hairpins and hairpin mutants complexed with HIV-1 nucleocapsid proteins (NC). In 2005 he returned to Canada where he joined the Department of Chemistry at McGill University as an Assistant Professor. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 2011. His current research centers in designing, preparing and utilizing smart fluorescent probes for cell-imaging and on applying state-of-the-art single-molecule fluorescence methodologies to study protein/DNA/lipid interactions.

1997 - 2002 Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Ottawa, Canada, (Prof. J. C. (Tito) Scaiano)
1992 - 1996 B.Sc. Chemistry, Univ. Nac. de Río Cuarto, Argentina, (Prof. Carlos A. Chesta)

2011 - Present Associate Professor, McGill University, Canada
2005 - 2011 Assistant Professor, McGill University, Canada
2002 - 2004 Postdoctoral Research Assistant, University of Texas at Austin, USA, (Prof. Paul F. Barbara)
1997 - 2002 Graduate Student, University of Ottawa
01/1996 - 03/1996 Intercampus Latin America/Spain Fellow, Universidad de Murcia, Spain
04/1995 - 03/1997 Undergraduate Research Assistant, Univ. Nac. de Río Cuarto, Argentina
04/1994 - 03/1995 Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Univ. Nac. de Río Cuarto, Argentina

Honorary Positions
2012 - Present Editorial Advisory Board Member for the journal "Langmuir" (American Chemical Society)
2009 - Present Associate Editor for the journal “Photochemistry and Photobiology” (American Society for Photobiology).

2015 Canadian Society of Chemistry Keith Laidler Award
2014 NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement, 2014 competition
2012 Visiting Scholar, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
2012 American Society for Photobiology New Investigator Award
2009 European Society for Photobiology Young Investigator Award
2009 Inter-American Photochemical Society Young Investigator Award
2009 Tomlinson Science Award, Faculty of Science, McGill University
2008 CNC-IUPAC (Canadian National Committee for the IUPAC) Travel Award
2005 Canada Foundation for Innovation, New Opportunities Fund Award.
2003 IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists awarded to the most outstanding Ph.D. Thesis in the general area of the Chemical Sciences
2003 39th IUPAC Congress Travel Grant for Young Chemists
2002 Governor General's Gold Medal to the best Ph.D. Thesis in Sciences and Engineering, University of Ottawa, Canada
2000 13th International Congress on Photobiology Travel Award, American Society for Photobiology
2000 E.P.A. Graduate Student Symposium 2000 Travel Award, University of Ottawa, Canada
2000 3rd and 4th Year International Scholarship Award and Doctoral Research Scholarship Award, University of Ottawa, Canada
1999 and 2001 Excellence Scholarship Award, University of Ottawa, Canada
1999 and 2001 Ontario Graduate Scholarship Award, Ontario, Canada
1999 and 2001 OCCI Poster Award, Ottawa-Carleton Chemistry Institute, Ottawa, Canada.
1997 and 1998 International Scholarship Award and Admission Scholarship Award, Ph.D. Level, University of Ottawa, Canada
1998 216th ACS National Meeting Travel Award, University of Ottawa, Canada
1997 Graduate Scholarship Award, Córdoba Province Research Council, Córdoba, Argentina. Declined
1997 Asociación Química Argentina (AQA) Award to the Highest Graduating G.P.A. in Chemistry at the Univ. Nac. de Río Cuarto, Argentina.
1997 Univ. Nac. de Río Cuarto Award to the Second Highest Graduating G.P.A. in the class of 1996, Argentina
1996 Intercampus Latin America/Spain Scholarship Award, Spanish Office for International Cooperation, Foreign Office, Spain
1995 and 1996 Undergraduate Research Assistant Scholarship Award, Univ. Nac. de Río Cuarto, Argentina